Dear Valued Customer,

The COVID-19 Pandemic has prompted some questions and concerns from the community and our customers. Please know that we’ve built our network to handle well above and beyond typical bandwidth usage for both long-term and near-term technology needs. Still, we are preparing with an overabundance of caution:

We’ve reached out to all of our Direct Internet Access (DIA) providers to verify our transit connections are capable of the contracted speeds.

We’re staging for additional capacity.

  • Our overall ingress usage across the network, inclusive of DIA, peering, caches, etc. is up only slightly and at this time we don’t foresee peak being any greater than the usual.
  • We’ve reached out to vendors and we’re working with our broadband partners to ensure they have needed capacity.
  • We are prioritizing upgrades to address any capacity concerns.

In short, we don’t anticipate any interruptions related to utilization.

  • Any interruptions due to hardware failure or other routine events will be addressed as they would normally.
  • We stock spares so that we don’t need to rely on a hardware vendor to deliver them when needed during an outage.

Like many companies, we have taken precautions to minimize everyone’s exposure and risk including:

  • Educating our colleagues on prevention
  • Cleaning and sanitizing our locations more frequently
  • Emphasizing regular and thorough hand washing with antibacterial soap
  • Strongly encouraging team members to stay home if they are not feeling well
  • We’re enabling work from home and have identified critical personnel in the event of a mandatory quarantine

As always, we will be monitoring the situation and will work closely with you to address any concerns going forward.

Thank you for your business and continued support.