Subscription moderation requires that the moderator approve a subscribing e-mail address before it becomes a member of the mailing list. This is done via message confirmation that is sent to the moderator e-mail address once a subscription request has been made.
Moderated – Messages sent to the mailing list must be approved by the moderator before the message is issued to the list subscribers. Announcement – Only moderators can send messages to the mailing list. Moderators are still required to approve the message before it is issued to list subscribers.
The name of your mailing list will appear in the subject line. Example: If your mailing list is called, your subject prefix will be [fred-announce-bikes] Note – message prefixes will appear in front of your subject, but will not otherwise impact what you type as the subject. If you want to send a message to your subscribers with the subject Fred is Cool, the email subject subscribers will see is: [fred-announce-bikes] Fred is Cool
A "digest" is an ordered collection of messages from a mailing list, usually sent out regularly depending on the time and traffic volume since the last digest. Digest subscribers can read messages as "threads" once daily, rather than receiving a constant trickle of messages. The digest function is best used in the moderated or public mailing list environment since these lists are more likely to have heavy traffic volumes than an announcement list.
The archive function stores previously sent messages to your mailing list for later retrieval by subscribers.
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