Dedicated Ethernet Services

PenTeleData’s scalable, Burstable Internet service offers growing businesses and professional organizations an opportunity to connect to the Internet with a powerful and dynamic dedicated connectivity solution - a changeable service that suits the demands of a living network environment.

  • Burst speeds up to 1 Gbps
  • Customer receives increased discounts as bandwidth use increases
  • Website access to customer utilization graphs offers 95% real-time information

A custom-tailored PenTeleData product designed for fast-growing businesses that need to move information between locations at the speed of light.

  • Committed Internet Circuit
  • Flexible, reliable, and scalable
  • High-speed dedicated connection with speeds up to 1Gbps

PenTeleData's FlexT-One delivers local dial tone and dedicated high-speed Internet access together in one standard line.


  • Provides a high-speed Internet and dial tone service
  • Easy installation
  • Internet speeds between 256k to 1.54Mbps

Multi-Dwelling Unit Service is a customized PenTeleData service, designed as a property management solution for high-speed Internet and built on the concept of a subscriber-based system.

  • Designed to adapt to varying requirements, including building design and number of subscribers
  • Each user is presented with a real Internet IP
  • Maintains rigid security requirements.

A customized PenTeleData service designed for growing businesses that move large amounts of data across networks between multiple locations, Multiplex Ethernet benefits organizations with complex dedicated Internet requirements.

  • Hosts a single physical connection for multiple logical networks
  • Offers specially-tiered bandwidth and is scalable up to 1Gbps
  • Enables low-cost unencrypted VPN's.