EtherPoint benefits organizations with multiple locations and complex dedicated Internet requirements. PenTeleData’s EtherPoint can meet all of your organization’s growing bandwidth needs by easily supplying constant, reliable, high-speed Internet connectivity to all of the locations of your enterprise. PenTeleData can streamline and simplify your corporate-wide area network by introducing the unparalleled speed, security, efficiency and dependability of EtherPoint to your network.

Stop paying too much for too many dedicated high-speed Internet circuits when you can simply link up your entire network an easier way. A high-speed, dedicated connection, PenTeleData’s EtherPoint is a committed Internet circuit capable of transporting Internet Protocol (IP) traffic to your organization at varied rates. With a minimal hardware investment, PenTeleData’s EtherPoint provides speeds of 512 kbps to 1 Gbps. Rather than having to purchase several T1s—or an OC-3—connect to EtherPoint and receive all of the bandwidth you need.

To receive an Ethernet connection for your organization, only a standard full-duplex port is required. At the point of demarcation, the customer receives a standard Ethernet cable to plug into a PC, switch or router (Note: a switch is not the same as a hub). Like a T1 point-to-point line plugging into the customer’s router, EtherPoint is easy to install. What makes EtherPoint better than a wireless or T1 connection? Simpler equipment needs satisfy the connection: It’s just Ethernet. When it’s all said and done, a piece of copper connection plugs you into EtherPoint
speeds of up to 1 Gbps.

Multiplex EtherPoint
Another Etherpoint solution PenTeleData offers is called Multiplex Etherpoint. This service links an Ethernet port to a customer’s EtherPoint transport line, similar to the function of such standard, nonmultiplexed EtherPoint services. But where Multiplex EtherPoint differs is that this Ethernet port supports multiple Virtual Local Area Networks (VLANS) linked to the data transport. Each VLAN is connected to a Virtual Circuit (VC) that must then be connected through another Multiplex EtherPoint port, PenTeleData Internet bandwidth or a standard EtherPoint port. Call our sales team today at 1.800.281.3564 for any information on a Etherpoint or Multiplex EtherPoint connection.

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