With PenTeleData’s FlexT-One, you can do both – without accruing expensive transport costs. PenTeleData’s FlexT-One is high-speed Internet and dial tone service, an innovative PenTeleData hybrid solution that fits your budget and your connectivity requirements.

The FlexT-One by PenTeleData represents thinking beyond the conventional: For high-speed dedicated access, PenTeleData’s FlexT-One is the product to bridge the gap for any growing small to medium-sized organization.

What is it and how does it work?

FlexT-One is the name of a product offered exclusively by PenTeleData in conjunction with Service Electric Telephone — a fiber line that takes one connection and breaks it into two separate components, one for Internet service and the other for phone and data connectivity. Data lines can be combined to give you dedicated 24x7

What is the setup?

Receiving FlexT-One service requires the installation of vital equipment. Service Electric Telephone will supply all necessary voice equipment to be located in your office. A channel bank routes your voice lines to your telephone services; PenTeleData will supply the necessary equipment for Internet access.