T1 Connections

Fast, dedicated high-speed T1 service.

What is a T1 Internet connection from PenTeleData?
A T1 Internet connection from PenTeleData is a high-bandwidth, digital circuit providing 1.54 Mbps of data. It is a private point-to-point dedicated connection between you, the customer, and PenTeleData. T1 connections from PenTeleData provide unlimited usage and are reliable, high capacity Internet connections for businesses and high traffic websites. Use your Internet T1 to host your busy company’s website on your own in-house server. Our Network specialists continuously monitor your system and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. PenTeleData’s Internet T1 service provides your company with business class Internet by having implemented an unprecedented Service Level Agreement (SLA).

How does a T1 work?
A T1 from PenTeleData, put simply, is a fast, dedicated service. Our customer’s traffic flows from their local network, through a router and a CSU/DSU at their office, over the T1, back to PenTeleData’s node, and then across PenTeleData’s OC-12 private fiber backbone to its final destination. This could be a machine on the PenTeleData network, our mail server, news server or something on the Internet. A T1 from PenTeleData is a hard line. There is no dialing in or authentication involved. With data transfer speeds to 1.54 Mbps, a T1 Internet connection is the fastest, highest performance, fiber or non-fiber solution for a full-time Internet connection. A time-proven technology, T1 access has been the service of choice for small businesses for which top-grade access is a necessity.