NIDS (Network Intrusion Detection System)

How Does It Work?

The NIDS device connects to a network hub or a switch that connects to the network router or Firewall. All traffic passing to or from the customer is inspected by the NIDS device. This is a one-piece solution from PenTeleData, a custom-made proprietary software service bundle. The NIDS managed intrusion service option includes the sensor, either of two software applications and a monitoring service. Due to security reasons, a customer cannot acquire parts piecemail and must purchase the entire server suite software center. You can choose your response and options, but the package comes as a bundle. An on-site evaluation does NOT come with the PenTeleData NIDS service.

Network Control Center - Rapid Response (Managed Service Only)

According to the severity of the emergency, NIDS creative response packages are tailored for various events. From simply notifying the customer in the event of a reported incident, to a response that locks down the customer facility and immediately calls law enforcement authorities, PenTeleData’s emergency response team monitors and responds to a wide range of emergency reports through our 24-hour Network Control Center.

Firewalls and NIDS

Do I need NIDS if I have a Firewall? A Firewall is essential to any network security system, though it has its limitations. Firewalls can prevent certain kinds of attacks, and control what type of traffic (such as Web, FTP, Telnet or IRC) pass between your internal network and the Internet. However, there are many attacks that Firewalls cannot prevent or detect, such as an attack on Port 80 of your web server. Firewalls suit communications between networks (typically your internal network and the Internet), and offer no or little protection from attacks or misuse within your local network. If your network perimeter is breached, or if the misuse is internal to your organization, a Firewall offers no help. NIDS will help you react to these types of security breaches to your server computer. However, a properly designed network will protect critical parts of the network if the Firewall is configured correctly and security is designed into the network — not added as an afterthought.