In the banking industry, customers expect critical account information without delay, security of their confidential information, and compliance with federal regulations. All of this must be achieved while operating at peak efficiency and maintaining customer retention. At PenTeleData, we have the knowledge, experience and network to make that possible. As a strategic partner, we provide multiple site connectivity and security solutions so that banks can focus on their customers and maintaining profitability.

Today, ESSA’s 200+ employees use PenTeleData services in almost everything they do. The branches utilize WAN connectivity to interconnect with each other and the corporate office. Convenience services, such as online banking, eDeposit, ACH origination, telephone banking and many other services also rely on data connections. In addition, ESSA saves on telephone bills by utilizing VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol).

First Commonwealth is the largest credit union in the Lehigh Valley, with over $550 million in assets, nearly 50,000 members and six branches. They offer the same financial services found at a traditional bank, but with better rates and lower fees. That's because they’re structured differently. They are member-owned and not-for-profit. Instead of earning money for stockholders, they return profits to their member-owners (account holders) in the form of higher dividends on savings, lower rates on loans and lower fees.

Northumberland National Bank’s rapid growth from a single branch bank in 1998 to the current six branches and an operations center meant that the bank needed a dependable and reliable Internet provider to process and transmit customers’ financial transactions. Their consultant helped them define the parameters to upgrade their existing network and telephone system, and after reviewing their choices, they chose PenTeleData.