Iron Pigs

Kurt Landes, GM, comments, “Speaking on behalf of the entire IronPigs organization, we cannot be more pleased with our PenTeleData relationship. Their entire organization has worked tirelessly to assist us with creating, moving, and installing all of our data systems – most of the time against short or impossible time frames. Their personnel have been supportive, solution-oriented and willing to do whatever it takes to get us up and running and most importantly, keep us running. The internal and seamless relationships between their sister companies are nothing short of remarkable, which facilitated our successful opening.”

Landes describes why his team trusts the PenTeleData staff, “We would be facing serious issues without the support of PenTeleData in all areas of our business including; internal communication, ticketing, financial reporting, and the day to day functioning of POS terminals, wireless scanners, ticket printers and desk top and server configuration. PenTeleData responds quickly, efficiently and I swear sometimes they are on the way before I even call!”