Jewell Computing Solutions, LLC

Jewell Computing Solutions, LLC (JCS) is an IT consulting company located in the heart of downtown Phillipsburg, New Jersey.  JCS recommends PenTeleData when consulting their clients about who to choose for data services.  Jeff Jewell explained, "PenTeleData's quality of service is far superior to any other Internet Service Provider (ISP) in our area.  Their network speeds are far greater than what is available from most other ISPs.  Our point of contact, that is, our Commercial Account Executive with PenTeleData is excellent, which is expected because PenTeleData is locally owned and operated.  This is very important, especially when working with technical support.  We are a local business and we want to support local businesses as well.  In fact, we use PenTeleData's services in our office, which can vouch for the quality of the service.

"Service from PenTeleData has been very reliable.  On the rare occasion we find an issue, PenTeleData technical support has been on top of the issue and was able to resolve it quickly.  Even after all the damage caused by Hurricane Sandy, PenTeleData had our office and all of our client's offices back up within one day.  We have clients that have other ISPs that were down for weeks after the storm.  

"PenTeleData's support staff has always been very responsive to our needs and resolves issues very quickly.  For example, we had a router fail in our office at approximately 11:00 pm one evening.  I swapped in a new router at that time and needed to get our office back on-line quickly with our static IP address.  I contacted technical support at around 11:30 pm and the technician was able to get our issue resolved quickly.  PenTeleData does such a good job for us that it's hard to pick out specific instances.  Everything always seems to flow smoothly and the job gets done without drama."