Lehigh Valley Health Network

In October 2003, when LVHN began looking for a partner to provide data service for their infrastructure, they received several referrals. Ultimately, they chose PenTeleData for both their corporate data backbone and their ambulatory practices.

Richard Fronheiser, I/S Director at LVHN, described the service PenTeleData provides, “PenTeleData has supported these requirements as well as maintained a reliable uptime with their network eliminating outages that ultimately affect patient care. It is clear that they strive to be a partner with LVHN. I feel I can reach out to the VP of Operations at any point with any problem at hand and get an immediate response. When I speak to him, it is not like I am talking to someone just giving me a scripted response, I feel like he actually feels connected to my problem and wants it resolved as soon as I do. This is what separates PenTeleData from some of their competitors. Jude Horoski, I/S Manager Infrastructure, added “PenTeleData has provided us with the cutting edge technology and the flexibility needed in the Health Care industry. PenTeleData is a true partner in our business and a partner in our care of the community.”