Sacred Heart Hospital

Sacred Heart Hospital is a 215-bed Catholic medical center located in central Allentown, Pa. Founded in 1912, Sacred Heart Hospital offers a wide range of advanced medical services ranging from obstetrics to bariatric surgery, vascular surgery, cardiology, rehabilitation and behavioral health services. Since Sacred Heart's mission is to care for those in need and their network expands throughout Lehigh and Northampton counties with both primary and pediatric medical care, reliable data connections are necessary for patient care. That's where PenTeleData becomes important to them.

When asked about why Sacred Heart Hospital chose PenTeleData over another data provider, Health Information Management explained, "The primary factors in our decision were reliability, response and cost. PenTeleData was able to prioritize all three. Their services have been reliable. The network remained stable even during Hurricane Sandy, which impacted the Lehigh Valley region. During the storm we never lost our connectivity which is vital in order for us to care for our patients. We have found the support staff to be both knowledgeable and helpful at all times. They are always pleasant and willing to assist with whatever our needs are at the moment."