Listserv FAQ

Am I the list owner or the list moderator?

In most cases you are both the list owner and the list moderator. In the case of multiple moderator accounts, the e-mail address that was included on the original mailing list setup form that you received from your PenTeleData Sales Representative will be labeled as the mailing list owner.

AOL has reported me for spamming, how can I prevent this in future?

AOL makes reporting spam as simple as clicking a spam button. In an attempt to limit or prevent Internet users from reporting you for spam, PenTeleData recommends you take the following steps:

  • Confirm that your contacts understand your advertising/information sharing policies and wish to receive e-mails from your organization before subscribing them to your mailing list. If an e-mail address requests to be unsubscribed, handle the request promptly.
  • If you allow users to subscribe to your mailing list, please inform these users to add your mailing list to their address book in order to help prevent AOL from reporting you as a spammer.
Can I edit the response message(s) the list sends to subscribers?

Yes. Email to have this function enabled.

Can I mass subscribe users?

No. PenTeleData's mailing lists do not support mass-subscribes at this time.

Can this from field be changed?

No. In order to prevent spoofing, the "From" field cannot be changed at this time.

Do you offer any kind of message tracking?

No. We do not currently offer any message tracking or statistics options.

How are bounce messages handled by my list?

If an e-mail address is defunct or invalid, the mailing list will send out a message probe. If it still receives an invalid response from the e-mail address in question, it will automatically unsubscribe that e-mail address from the mailing list.

How can I see what e-mail accounts are currently subscribed to my mailing list?

Send an e-mail to with a blank subject and body.

How can people subscribe to my mailing list via my website?

You will need to create a form program that issues a subscribe request similar to the command line method included in your original welcome message. If you would like PenTeleData to create a subscription page for your website, please contact your Sales Representative at 800.281.3564.

I don't remember what email address I used as the list owner or moderator, how do I find this information?

Please send an e-mail to for assistance.

I don't want the mailing list to handle bounce messages automatically, how can I have this option turned off?

In order to conform to standard RFC mailing list rules, this function cannot be disabled. However, we can setup your mailing list so that the moderator e-mail account receives the bounce messages instead. If you would like the moderator e-mail account to process bounce messages, please e-mail

I received a moderator response, but noticed that my original is an attachment instead of the body of the message, how will end users receive this message?

Subscribers to your mailing list will see the message like any other e-mail. The moderator response attaches the original message so that you can re-review the content of the message before final approval.

I sent a message to my mailing list, but still have not received a moderator response. What is wrong?

There are any number of reasons why your message may be delayed. Network outages, e-mail backlogs, and other various factors can impact the delivery of your message. Make sure that you spelled your list name correct in the "To" field of your message, and that it was sent from a valid moderator account.

If a user replies to the message, to what e-mail address will the response go?

User responses will be sent to the "From" address of the original message. In most cases this will be the moderator e-mail account you specified at sign up.

If the moderator of my mailing list is in charge of user subscribes and unsubscribes, why do end users receive a "goodbye" message?

The unsubscribe "goodbye" message is a standard part of the listserv software and cannot be turned off. The "goodbye" message provides protection for both your subscriber and yourself: It alerts the subscriber to the change in list standing to both ensure that the user indeed wanted to be unsubscribed from the list, and to confirm for the user that they have been removed from the list, in order for you to avoid any issues including being reported for spam e-mail.

Is there a web page I can use to manage my list?

No. All management commands to your mailing list must be done via e-mail from a valid moderator account.

What e-mail address is going to appear as the "From" address of my mailing list messages?

The "From" address will contain the e-mail address of the person who sent a message to the mailing list. In most cases this will be the moderator e-mail account you specified at sign up.

When I perform a subscriber list request (-list), I noticed a plus or minus sign in front of an e-mail name. What does this mean?

A plus symbol in front of an e-mail name means that e-mail name is a new subscriber. A minus sign means the e-mail account has been unsubscribed from your mailing list.

Why are the subscription instructions that PenTeleData issues different from the instructions that I am receiving from the mailing list if I submit a help request?

PenTeleData has found that some e-mail clients do not like the format of the default command line subscription address and will not process the request correctly. We recommend using the option with "Subscribe " as the subject in order to avoid this problem.