Speed & Security

For anytime transactions

Whether it’s an ATM transaction or online banking, we are behind the scenes, helping to make transactions fast and secure.


Linking schools

across PA and NJ

Our reliable communication solutions empower teachers, students and administrators to maximize learning potential.


Faster Medical Diagnosis

Quicker Treatment

From electronic billing and claims processing, to electronic medical record and telehealth services, PenTeleData’s services promote cost effective answers to enhancing patient wellness.


Technology improving Efficiency

Increased Communications

Technology can help government face today's challenges and reduce costs at the same time. At PenTeleData, we've been working with communities across the area providing the data connections, security services and other solutions that help save taxpayers' money.


Single Point of Contact for

Reliable Service & Responsive Support

Our network helps businesses, like your local grocery store, share information and inventory with additional locations.