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1st---What is Data Recovery?

Managed backup is a professional service from PenTeleData I.T. Services in which digital information is recovered from a hard drive, web server, cell phone, or other devices.

Damaged devices are temporarily repaired and the data is transferred to a second device (usually an external hard drive or flash drive). When files are deleted, corrupt, or otherwise damaged, our I.T. Pros will work directly with the data to restore them, using software tools to return access.

2nd---What Factors Determine the Cost of Recovery?

There are several factors that our I.T. Pros consider when determining cost. The main factor is the time required to perform the necessary steps to ensure a safe and effective recovery procedure. Other factors include when necessary, parts and equipment fees. For users, this often means high expenses, often coupled with confusing pricing procedures.

That is why we offer a Managed Backup Solution that can pay for itself the first time you need it to recover your business data!


Do not attempt to physically repair hard drives or other media. Immediately contact our Team to discuss a recovery plan. With our Managed Backup solution we can ensure a successful recovery and will be able to recover your data safely and effectively, and in some cases, return your files within hours.


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