Multi-Dwelling Unit Service

Multi-Dwelling Unit Service is an all-inclusive high-speed Internet access solution that can provide multiple users with individual connections to the Internet. It is an ideal opportunity to increase revenue for dormitories, apartment buildings, independent living facilities or any multi-tenant space that needs a managed solution to Internet access. In today’s highly competitive market, amenities and convenience are important to tenants. Increased tenant retention can be achieved by providing reliable access to the Internet, a service that is not only expected, but often demanded.

By design, MDU is intended to adapt to varying requirements, dependent upon building design and the number of subscribers. This system has been built from the ground up to accommodate both flexibility for the user and to meet the rigid requirements PenTeleData demands for security on our network. Each user is assigned an individual connection to the Internet and is managed from a designated location on the property. Similar to a residential broadband Internet connection, users receive a public IP address, ensuring compatibility with all Internet applications and all standard user-tracking methods necessary to identify malicious or unethical Internet usage.

PenTeleData feeds the site with an Internet feed from our redundant, 100 Gbps,Tier 1- connected backbone, with premium bandwidth from multiple well-known providers.