Multi-Factor Authentication

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Multi-Factor Authentication

Keep your employee login credentials out of the hands of cybercriminals

Imagine how much damage could be done if a cybercriminal gained access to one of your employee’s passwords. Now, consider the unfettered access that the same criminal would have if they could figure out or steal admin-level login credentials.

There was a time when a username and password were enough for most business appli- cations, but that’s no longer true. Today’s bad actors utilize every trick in the book to steal login information and use it against companies like yours.

Our team uses multifactor authentication to protect your business, even if a careless employee inadvertently allows criminal eyes to discover their access credentials to com- pany systems.

What is multifactor authentication?

Multifactor authentication, sometimes called “MFA” or “2-Factor Authentication,” is a tool that we use to double-check the person’s identity trying to log into your systems, applications, online assets, and cloud-based infrastructure. Multifactor authentication is the second line of defense for access into your systems, checking for an alignment of three identifiers or “factors.”

  • >  Knowledge — something only the user would know (PINs, answers to questions)

  • >  Possession — something the user has (like email or smartphone)

  • >  Inheritance — something the user is (biometric data)

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