Enterprise class I.T. protection

Cybersecurity for YOU---protection for all

Enterprise-class I.T. protection for the small- to mid-size company

Nearly every company in operation today runs the bulk, or entirety, of its workflow on com- puterized systems. Those I.T. systems allow companies like yours to increase efficiency and compete head-to-head with similar businesses throughout the world.

The downside to your I.T. environment is that it must be secured, or everything—your data, workflow, and confidential client information is at risk.

Smaller businesses are NOT immune to cyberattack

Because enterprise-level organizations have fortified their I.T. environments, cybercriminals have pivoted to target the less protected small- to mid-size companies in recent years. In fact, 43% of cyberattacks are directed toward the small business.1

That’s where our team of cybersecurity professionals can help. We provide comprehensive, robust I.T. security measures that help you protect your business while simultaneously leveraging the benefits of digital workflow and advanced productivity tools.

Guard against:

  •  Unauthorized access to your data
  •  Phishing
  •  Ransomware
  •  Internal corporate espionage
  •  Malware (viruses)
  •  Malicious hacking
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Implement Best Practices Protocols:

  • Management of updates and patches
  • Data backup and protection strategies
  • Secure remote workflow access options
  • Antivirus and firewall configuration and monitoring
  • Incident response and mitigation
  • Email security measuresNetwork security management
  • Network security management


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