Managed Endpoint Detection & Response

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Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Security used to be so simple for the average business. You installed anti-virus (AV) solu- tions, trained employees not to click on unknown links, and kept software and websites up to date. For a few low-risk companies, that may still be the case, but the vast majority of small to midsize companies now need to fortify against new, advanced threats that can get around traditional AV.

With the rise of more advanced threat vectors and the use of Work- from-Home technol- ogies businesses are facing greater threats to data and workflow and need a different type of protection to mitigate that risk.

Manage the risk

The 2021 “Cost of a Data Breach Report” by IBM and the Ponemon Institute states that:

“The average total cost of a data breach was more than $1 million higher where remote working was a factor in causing the breach compared to breaches where remote working was not a factor.”

Here are a few examples of the risks we’re seeing in the marketplace now:

  • >  Weaponized documents that may seem like harmless PDF attachments in your emails but execute attacks once they enter your network. Fileless threats that don’t require downloads, but execute from memory, making them difficult to identify.

  • >  Zero-day threats that find an unknown computer vulnerability and exploit it before software or hardware providers can issue updates.

  • >  Ransomware attacks, which can disable I.T. networks and lock you out of your data/ workflow.

Global ransomware attacks increased by 151% from 2020-2021 and continue to rise. (304.7 million attacks worldwide in 2021)

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