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Managed I.T. services help you build your business.

A managed service arrangement helps you get the most out of your devices, software, and network connectivity — and build toward your business goals.

Businesses rely on technology to remain competitive. I.T. supports all that!



R.P.M. (Remote Proactive Management)

Remote Proactive Management (RPM) from PenTeleData’s I.T. Services is for any customer wishing to remain hands-off yet have peace of mind with their I.T. infrastructure.


Multi-Factor Authentication

Imagine how much damage could be done if a cybercriminal gained access to one of your employee’s passwords. Now, consider the unfettered access that the same criminal would have if they could figure out or steal admin-level login credentials.


Local Area Network Design (LAN)

Servers, desktop PCs, printers, we’ll design, build, implement and support a custom-tailored Local Area Network for your company’s needs. PenTeleData gets the job done from physically running structured cable, right down to plugging in your desktop PC to the backbone.

Wireless Networking

Wireless Networking

No place to run that structured cable in your building? A wireless Network is the perfect solution for you. The latest high tech wireless solutions are just a telephone call away.

Services & Repairs

On-Site/Depot Services & Repairs

In the field or at our state-of-the-art facility, PenTeleData has the tools to repair and maintain your hardware or typical software problems.

Structured Cable Installation Services

Structured Cable Installation Services

Ten feet or ten miles, no matter what your cabling needs, we have an answer. PenTeleData specializes in WAN, LAN, inter-office or SOHO structured cabling.


Layered Security Services

The last few years have become a time of massive change. Companies across the globe took a new approach, including moving more to the cloud and using virtual workflows for the first time.

28% of the businesses successfully targeted by cybercrime in 2020 were in the “small business” category.

The bottom line? YOUR business is a potential target.


Managed Endpoint Detection and Response

Security used to be so simple for the average business. You installed anti-virus (AV) solu- tions, trained employees not to click on unknown links, and kept software and websites up to date. For a few low-risk companies, that may still be the case, but the vast majority of small to midsize companies now need to fortify against new, advanced threats that can get around traditional AV.




From employee e-theft to Internet hacking, PenTeleData’s suite of security solutions keep your business focused on doing business. That’s where our team of cybersecurity professionals can help. We provide comprehensive, robust I.T. security measures that help you protect your business while simultaneously leveraging the benefits of digital workflow and advanced productivity tools.

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