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A reliable, convenient, affordable and fast Internet solution.

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Broadband is perfect for small, medium and large business

Your modem can run your entire network or entire building, or be used as a backup to another high-speed service. This broadband high-speed service is reliable and will dependably transmit and receive encrypted bandwidth over a standard cable television line. Since you don’t use a telephone line downloading information, you’ll never experience a busy signal.

For the small to large business: when it comes to PenTeleData’s Business Internet Service, nothing compares.

PenTeleData’s Business Internet Service

What advantages does PenTeleData Business Internet have over other Internet services?

  • Innovative – Operating on the newest technology, our modems work on a fiber optic based cable system, providing PenTeleData customers with one of the quickest and most reliable Internet solutions available.
  • Reliability – Customarily, these modems rely on both the cable company and the Internet access provider. PenTeleData is both the Internet company and the cable company, making PenTeleData’s BusinessInternet service the most reliable.
  • Scalability – PenTeleData establishes high-speed service for both symmetrical and asymmetrical access. Your service can be upgraded at anytime without any hardware or equipment changes.
  • Speed – The modem runs on a fiber-optic network that permits PenTeleData to transmit data at high speeds (with download speeds may be available up to 1 Gbps).
  • Price – The modem’s low start-up cost, set monthly price and no usage charges are attractive to both small and large businesses.
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  • High Transmission and Receiving speeds
  • Maximize your company's use of the Internet
  • High-Speed gives you multimedia capabilities
  • Constant fast connection to the Internet
  • Cellular network backup available
  • Business wi-fi
  • 24/7 Network Control Center support
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  • Routed Static IP addresses as needed (All Cable accounts receive 1 Static IP address when originally setup)
  • Internet Connectivity to our multi-Gbps fiber optic network with full redundancy
  • Free Domain Registration (Domain name charges are the responsibility of customer)
  • Primary and Secondary DNS (For included Domain Name)
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