The Technology

Behind Your Community

Have you used your ATM/debit card today? Visited a grocery store? Discussed lab or x-ray results with your doctor? If so, it’s very likely that you were using services from PenTeleData.

  • PenTeleData began in 1994 with the idea of providing high-speed data and Internet connectivity in Pennsylvania and New Jersey.

  • A pioneering communications partnership, PenTeleData delivers trustworthy Internet, networking, security and data transport services to residential, educational, financial, government, healthcare and commercial customers throughout the greater Pennsylvania and New Jersey regions.

  • In addition to our quarterly customer newsletter, this section includes some featured summaries about current industry topics as they pertain to PenTeleData and our customers. Since technology is constantly evolving, please check back periodically for updates and new information.

  • Founded in 1994, PenTeleData is Pennsylvania’s largest provider of Internet service and data connectivity and remains a family-run organization with its heart based in northeastern Pennsylvania.