Neffs National Bank

a true technology partnership

The Neffs National Bank is an independent community bank with a long tradition of quality customer service. The bank originally conducted its business operations using a small room between the Neffs Hotel and Kern & Moser’s General Store. It was not until 1937 that the present-day bank building was constructed, which was expanded in 1965 and again in 1995.

In 1986, Neffs Bancorp, Inc. was formed and continues in operation as a one-bank holding company. The Neffs National Bank is the sole subsidiary of Neffs Bancorp, Inc.

In April 2020, The Neffs National Bank opened its second location at 211 S. Best Avenue in Walnutport PA. The Walnutport Office is the first expansion of the bank outside of its long-standing location in Neffs, PA.

From its modest beginning in 1923, the growth of the bank has been influenced by the prosperity of the local communities. Individuals and businesses continue to contribute to promoting community-oriented, independently-operated banking.

When asked about why The Neffs National Bank chose PenTeleData and how they use our services, Kevin Schmidt, President and Chief Executive Officer of Neffs National Bank and Andrew Gildner of Keystone Technology, LLC, the bank’s I.T. Consultant, shared, “The Neffs National Bank is a local, community organization. It believes in doing business locally. PenTeleData fits that vision. The bank’s Internet connections are vital to services needed by customers today. As with many industries, the bank uses various sources of services from PenTeleData, including both broadband and dedicated connections.

“The services provided by PenTeleData have been very reliable. Their Network Control Center team is always ready to assist. When calling, the representative is willing to go the extra mile to make sure our needs are met and satisfied.”

Both Mr. Gildner and Mr. Schmidt agree on the bank’s future of the banking industry and their relationship with PenTeleData, and explained, “We have seen large changes in the banking landscape over the past ten years. The services provided by PenTeleData have been vital to the success of those changes. As the bank continues to grow and adapt to customer needs, PenTeleData’s Internet services will play an important role in the continued success of these projects.”

At PenTeleData, we know that our customers, including those in the banking industry, count on the speed and reliability of our network for important financial transactions. The PenTeleData partnership has invested more than $300 million in fiber optic infrastructure with nearly 10,000 miles of fiber optic cabling. Our fully redundant connections and peering with large national content providers are backed by the support of our 24/7 Network Control Center to ensure that connections are always readily available.

Neffs Bank