Mountain Productions

the largest staging and production company in North America

Mountain Productions  

Mountain Productions, founded in 1979, is the largest staging and event production company in North America, having worked on more than 18,000 events with thousands of world-renowned clients. For over forty years, they have been providing high quality temporary and permanent entertainment structures for all kinds of events. Offering fully customizable stage design and construction, they have a variety of staging and structure options for both rent and sale, making the possibilities for unique staging solutions endless.

In addition to staging, they also have an installations department working across the country to provide in-house engineered technical construction solutions to venues and industrial facilities alike. Proudly based in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania, their team has four decades of experience working with the top names in entertainment, fashion, and education as well as the Secret Service, the US Armed Services, State, and local authorities.

Mountain Productions is a highly diversified company with a focus on innovative product design and manufacturing for the entertainment industry, along with e-commerce solutions for rigging and industrial gear sold through their e-commerce sites; MTN SHOP US, MTN SHOP EMEA, MTN SHOP UK and MTN SHOP DE. With six locations spread globally between Wilkes-Barre, PA, Palm Beach, FL, Los Angeles, Dublin, Ireland, Berlin, Germany and Aberdeen, UK, they have sold into 45+ countries across four continents. At Mountain Productions, they truly believe that no job is too big or too small for their experienced crew.

Ricky Rose, CEO, explained why Mountain Productions chose PenTeleData, “When choosing our Internet service provider, our selection of PenTeleData was a no brainer. As they are a locally owned business based out of Pennsylvania, we felt that many of their company values lined up with our own. It was also extremely important that we chose a company who would be able to provide us with a reliable service. With Ethernet connections that are 100% fiber and provide 99.999% uptime, we knew that reliability would be a guarantee with PenTeleData.

“Our company revolves around the high-speed Internet provided by PenTeleData. Some examples of how we use their services include: keeping in contact with our crew out on the road, scheduling jobs, contacting our customers as well as designing and developing new structures and systems through AutoCad. In addition, it has ensured that we can maintain daily contact with our team members spread across the globe working for our localized e-commerce sites.”

When asked about reliability and our service, he added, “Once we switched over to PenTeleData’s NextGen fiber optic network we noticed a significant improvement in our Internet speed and performance, particularly when holding online meetings with customers. We no longer experience the classic symptoms of poor Internet service like dropped calls or signal degradation. Thanks to the exceptional service provided by PenTeleData, it is very rare that we require assistance from their support staff. However, on the few occasions that we have had to reach out, they have always been extremely helpful in sorting out our issues and providing us with an excellent customer service experience.”

Last, but certainly not least, when asked about the future plans of Mountain Productions and how PenTeleData will be a partner in their growth, Mr. Rose said, “In the short term, we plan to continue to grow our newly launched German site, MTN SHOP DE, and further expand our presence in central Europe. Looking towards the future, we plan to continue our expansion into different markets across the globe through the creation of local market websites and teams in the Asia-Pacific and Middle Eastern markets. We envision that high-speed Internet will play a fundamental role in our expansion plans as we look to ensure regular communication across our globally spread locations. Going forward, we believe that PenTeleData will continue to play a significant role in the successful operations of our company.”

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