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Sundance Vacations

Sundance Vacations is a travel company dedicated to making affordable vacations available to everyone. With a wide variety of global destinations, traveling with Sundance Vacations can save time and money as well as create some lasting vacation memories for years to come. Their traveler’s needs are of the utmost importance to them, so they seek to create a culture where vacationing and fun go hand-in-hand. Their priority is for their customers to “Say ‘so-long’ to all of the headaches and hassles that can go with travel and say ‘hello’ to more fun, more hikes, more sunsets, more sandcastles, more family togetherness and most importantly, more vacations.”

When asked about why Sundance Vacations chose PenTeleData to provide their connections, Justin Baggs, IT Manager, explained, “We had sites that had technically challenging installations and PenTeleData worked with us to build the required infrastructure. When they say they are ‘Partners in Business’ they really mean it. I’ve been personally using PenTeleData since 2005 and my service has been very reliable.

“PenTeleData services are primarily used at our call centers. These sites 100% rely on the Internet for staff to perform their daily functions, so outages lead to staff being sent home. Luckily, after working with dozens of carriers over the years, PenTeleData has been the most reliable by far and if there is an outage it is taken seriously. One example is the tornado that hit Wilkes-Barre back in 2018. Our local site reported the Internet went down ~10:00 PM. We received regular updates on the outage, what was being done and when we would receive another update. Our staff was in the office at 8:00 AM the very next day and the Internet was up, and phones were working.

“Like many IT admins, I’m a belt and suspenders type/professional worrier. I spend a lot of time figuring out how to mitigate problems before they are problems, but the ‘A’ answer is really to not have a problem. That is why PenTeleData is my ‘A’ answer.” When asked about the service Sundance Vacations receives from PenTeleData’s staff, he added, “Fortunately, the service has been so reliable we have only needed to use support a few times, however it has always exceeded our expectations. Most ISP’s will acknowledge that there is an outage, and they are working on it. That’s all you get. PenTeleData provided active updates about the problem and sets expectations on when further information will be provided. In fact, they have already notified us of an outage before we received a notification from our monitoring system.”

Looking ahead, Sundance Vacations will continue to provide affordable vacations and outstanding customer service to their customers. This will include enhancing their website and incorporating additional redundancy into their current network infrastructure. As always, PenTeleData’s network was designed for the future, and we’ll be proud to support their growth with the most reliable technology and connections available.