Local news and information serving your community


WFMZ-TV provides nine and a half hours of original local news programming each day, including a full Hispanic news department to service the Hispanic community with a Spanish-language newscast each weeknight at 11. The region depends on their seasoned team of award-winning news journalists for local and regional election coverage, school closings, and live reports when news happens. Their program schedule also includes top rated syndicated shows, such as Judge Judy, Dr. Phil, Rachel Ray, The Doctors, and more.

WFMZ-TV also operates The 69News Weather Channel, a destination for up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and information. In addition to live traffic/weather cameras and radar maps, a team of local meteorologists provide an updated forecast every 15 minutes.

In addition, they also provide local news and information on and their Smartphone Apps, including their news app, weather app and 69 WFMZ Live app. News is continuously updated throughout the day to serve the needs of the community. Their monthly viewership continues to grow dramatically with over 30 million page views a month.

When asked why they chose PenTeleData, Tyler Berger, IT Director at WFMZ, explained, “We have had a very long relationship with PenTeleData, dating back to before many people even knew what the Internet was or how to use it. PenTeleData was an early provider and a natural fit for our needs then and now. The region depends on our ability to deliver news and information continuously and especially during severe weather events. Even during Hurricane Sandy when we were running our generator for five days, we never lost Internet connectivity. Today over 95% of our staff is working from home. The Internet has become invaluable not just for providing information to viewers, but also for conducting business.”

Regarding our network dependability, he added, “I cannot remember the last time we had any kind of Internet outage. The service has been exceptional. For any kind of wire line provided service, I have no idea how PenTeleData has been able to keep our Internet service working 100% through all kinds of extreme weather situations. Our business and our viewers rely on us gathering and broadcasting information in the worst of situations. Having a reliable Internet connection is invaluable.”

At PenTeleData, we know that homes and businesses rely on our network for the latest news and weather, virtual learning, quality healthcare, staying connected, and financial transactions, and more. This has become even more evident in the last year, but we were always prepared. When we designed and built our fiber optic infrastructure, we planned for well above and beyond typical usage, and were always ready to add additional capacity if it became necessary. WFMZ and all our valued customers can rest assured, knowing that we designed and built our network with our community in mind.