What is a firewall?

A firewall is an approach to security; it implements a security layer that defines the services and access permitted. The term firewall relates to the manner in which a device segments a network into different physical sub networks, it limits the damage that could spread from one subnet
to another just like fire doors or firewalls. The main purpose of a firewall system is to control access to or from a protected network. It forces defined traffic to undergo inspection by the firewall, and permits or denies the traffic access to its destination. Ultimately a PenTeleData firewall protects networked computers from unintentional or intentional hostile intrusion that could compromise confidentiality or result in data corruption or denial of service.

Firewalls Are Categorized Into Two Types.


The Customer is responsible for all maintenance; Hardware is located on the Customer’s premises; All support is T & M (Time & Material); The Customer has access to the Firewall; PenTeleData will direct logging to the Customer’s logging server (Syslog); All Firewall changes are T & M.


Requires at least PenTeleData Tier 1 maintenance support for Firewall hardware; The
Customer does not have access to the Firewall; Hardware is located on the Customer’s premises; PenTeleData is responsible for maintaining the Firewall; PenTeleData monitors and responds to all Firewall Alerts; Access to PenTeleData NCC and Security Engineers for support; 24x7x365 monitoring of Firewall hardware and connectivity.