Virtual Private Networking (VPN)

PenTeleData has gone to painstaking lengths investing in the latest state of the art, ATM equipped, fiber-optic network - Network Genesis. Because of this extensive, redundant, high-speed switched, rather than routed network, you can be assured that your PenTeleData VPN solution will perform reliably and fast from the first day you deploy it. Because your PenTeleData VPN solution travels over our own extensive network, you’ll have peace of mind knowing that your data won’t get bogged down because of bandwidth issues.

Our high bandwidth network will outperform virtually any other network in the market. Even security is less of an issue. The majority of the time, your data never even touches any other public / private network and is encrypted with 56-bit public/private key encryption. On the management side, PenTeleData includes with every VPN sale, access to SMART. SMART is a system monitoring and reporting tool with which you can view automatic line utilization reports, have access to our ticket system and receive the latest event notifications. As a PenTeleData customer, your VPN solution is backed by access to our Network Control Center (NCC) 24 hours a day seven days a week.

Product Offerings

  • Point to Point Managed VPN
  • Remote Access (dial-up) Managed VPN
  • Point to Point Unmanaged VPN
  • Remote Access (dial-up) Unmanaged