Northumberland Bank

Northumberland National Bank’s rapid growth from a single branch bank in 1998 to the current six branches and an operations center meant that the bank needed a dependable and reliable Internet provider to process and transmit customers’ financial transactions. Their consultant helped them define the parameters to upgrade their existing network and telephone system, and after reviewing their choices, they chose PenTeleData.
When asked why PenTeleData over another provider, Northumberland Bank, explained, "Our previous Wide Area Network (WAN) provider was unable to provide sufficient bandwidth to all of our branch locations. PenTeleData offered the price and convenience we needed. They are easy to deal with and able to provide all of our necessary services."

“We have experienced very few interruptions and PenTeleData has also been able to monitor our network and notify us of any potential problems. Their monitoring caught a problem with a back-up power supply (UPS) at one of our branches that was malfunctioning, but had given us no alarm. Their support staff was even ready to support every facet of our deployment of a new IP phone system."

"When we decided to add a new branch in the Middleburg area, PenTeleData was very willing to extend its fiber network to be able to provide their network structure to the branch. Even though another provider in the area was in the middle of union strikes and the hurricanes of 2011 caused some delays, PenTeleData came through in time for our grand opening."

Northumberland National Bank