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Why choose PenTeleData’s fiber optic network? The answer is quite simply—MAGIC. It’s the magic of fiber optics.

Our NextGen Network and the Magic of Fiber Optics

What’s all the hype about PenTeleData’s fiber optic network?  It’s the magic of the pulses of light that deliver billions of bits of data per second and make our Internet connections fast and reliable.  After all, they are responsible for many important transactions, including the transmission of medical records, completion of ATM and credit card transactions, online research, government communications, and much more.  Even wireless towers for cellular service and data require hardware and a network like PenTeleData to operate.

Fiber optic cables are made of two separate parts.  The main part, the middle, is called the core.  This is where tiny particles of light bounce down the glass hair-thin fibers and bounce repeatedly off an outside layer known as cladding.  Cladding is made of a different type of glass than the fibers and keeps the signals inside the core.  Technically, the cladding has a higher refractive index than the core.  Light travels slower in the cladding and any light that leaks from the core bends back as if it were reflected from a mirror instead of being lost.  This is known as internal reflection.  When the light reaches its destination, the signal (which has been transmitted as laser pulses for ones and nothing for zero) is received and converted into an electrical format.

PenTeleData and our partners, including Service Electric Cable TV and Communications, Service Electric Broadband Cable, Service Electric Cablevision, Ironton Telephone and Blue Ridge Communications, have built a network that has nearly 10,000 miles of fiber optic cabling.  There can be 288 or more strands of fiber in a single fiber optic cable sheath.  A single pair of fiber can be used to transmit 100 Gbps Ethernet.  That’s quite impressive!  In fact, in addition to Internet connections, our fiber provides hundreds of digital TV channels, high definition services with local news & sports programming, Video on Demand (VOD), Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Broadband Internet, and digital telephone.

Our Fiber optic based Next Generation Network is the way of the future. We’re planning for the next 10 – 15 years and beyond.  Our NextGen fiber optic network means less signal degradation, easier performance upgrades to our network, greater speeds and more opportunities, including Quality of Service, DDoS Mitigation, Optical Wave Services, IPv6, and Layer 2 VPNs.

    • Intelligent Routing

      Our network can instantly detect faults and determine the best alternate route for traffic through our network.

    • Quality of Service (QoS)

      Not all data is equal. Our network can detect the priority of traffic you’re sending and make sure that it gets the best possible throughput. This is great for Voice Traffic!

    • Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Mitigation

      Our network is constantly being monitored for anomalies. This will expand as we engineer DDoS mitigation into our network in 2014. When bad types of traffic are detected, we automatically scrub the bad and send you the good!

    • NextGen Network

      PenTeleData is leading the way in providing our customers with the fastest possible service. We’ve already begun work toward 100 Gbps and beyond for the future. The NextGen Network will allow us to provide customers with wave services which gives them unprecedented speed!

    • Wave Service

      We carve out a wavelength of light just for your business. This wave can then be given an express lane through our network to connect your business – literally at the Speed of Light!

    • Cellular Network Backup

      The wireless backup gives your business protection in the event that the wired side encounters problems. We provide your business with a wireless capable backup; upon wire side failure the device intelligently reroutes your traffic over a secured wireless connect back to our network!

  • In the banking industry, customers expect critical account information without delay, security of their confidential information, and compliance with federal regulations. All of this must be achieved while operating at peak efficiency and maintaining customer retention. At PenTeleData, we have the knowledge, experience and network to make that possible. As a strategic partner, we provide multiple site connectivity and security solutions so that banks can focus on their customers and maintaining profitability.

  • Shopping: both online and in the store, it's a necessity and an experience. Retailers face the challenges of using a solid technology infrastructure while controlling operating expenses. Whether your business needs to create or host a website, set up video surveillance in your store, connect multiple locations to your corporate office or set up your point of sale terminals, we can help.

  • As the debate continues in America, the healthcare industry has already seen some amazing changes in the last few years. Technologies have played a key role in these advancements. From electronic billing and claims processing, to electronic medical record and telehealth services, PenTeleData's services promote cost effective answers to enhancing patient wellness. Our MPLS Network with Intelligent Routing provides secure data connections to some of the largest hospitals and healthcare networks in the area.

  • Technology can help government face today's challenges and reduce costs at the same time. At PenTeleData, we've been working with communities across the area providing the data connections, security services and other solutions that help save taxpayers' money. Whether it's video conferencing for a court session, a website to keep the public informed, online security to ensure privacy of confidential data, wireless networking to share files, or dedicated Internet connections to link multiple offices, we get the job done.

  • Maintaining trustworthy Internet and network security has unarguably become the most critical requirement in any business environment. Unfortunately, many companies remain inadequately protected, leaving security gaps and underestimating the costly risks and liability. Whether it’s a single computer connecting to the Internet, or a corporation with multiple computers networked together, protecting against attacks from malicious intruders is as critical as safely opening the doors for business in the morning.

  • According to Albert Einstein, "The only source of knowledge is experience." At PenTeleData, our industry experience and MPLS Network with Intelligent Routing links local schools, colleges, universities and libraries across Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Our reliable communication solutions empower teachers, students and administrators to maximize learning potential. Whether it is reinforcing the lesson taught in the classroom, opening up a world of information or network security, we have a connection or customized solution to meet any need.