Can I connect a network printer to the system via Ethernet cable?

Because our system is a firewall, the printer will not be allowed to act as a server and jobs from outside locally connected devices will not be able to print to it. Connect the printer and other devices you wish to print from to a switch, and that switch in the Ethernet jack. The devices will be able to use the internet and print, however the printer will not be accessible from outside the computers on that switch.

Can I use a wired or wireless router?

Yes, however we do not recommend it for the following reasons. Once one device on a router logs in, no further devices through it will have to login. All devices on the router will share the speed of one connection. All users on the router will be seen as the person who logged in. Any security issues will be the responsibility of that user. Only Captive Portal authentication will work (Auto Login 802.1x) will not. Please note the PenTeleData Acceptable Use Policy requires wireless encryption be active on all wireless routers.

Can I run a server on my connection?

In order to provide a reliable and secure connection, you are connected through your own personal firewall. This firewall will not permit traffic that is designated to a server. The PenTeleData Acceptable Use Policy also prohibits the use of servers.

How do I setup MAC authentication?

Call our Customer Service Department at 1-800-281-3564 (select option 2, then option 1). Please have the MAC address of the device you wish authenticate ready to give to our representative.

I have a device that cannot authenticate using Captive Portal or Auto Login, what do I do?

Many devices such game consoles, network printers, etc. cannot authenticate using either method. There are two methods to register these devices. Each user is allowed up to one MAC authenticated device. A MAC authenticated device can be added to your account by calling our Customer Service Department. The second method requires the device be connected to a router along with a PC on that router. By authenticating the PC through Captive Portal or Auto Login the device will also be given internet access.

What is my Username and Password?

Your Username and initial Password is administered by your building administrator. Contact your building administrator for Username and initial password.

Does my computer support Auto Login (802.1x)?

Auto Login (802.1x) is currently supported by PenTeleData Technical support for Windows XP only. Although other operating systems have built in 802.1x support and 3rd party clients are available. Please contact your vendor for specific 802.1x details.

What is Auto Login (802.1x) authentication?

Auto Login (802.1x) allows your computer to automatically log you on to the internet, eliminating the need to enter your username and password manually. Please note that not all operating systems support Auto Login (802.1x).

What is Captive Portal authentication?

Captive Portal authentication requires that you login with your username and password through a web browser before your connection to the internet is active. You will be required to login through a web browser each time your computer is inactive for 30 minutes, as well as every 30 days.

What is Multi-Dwelling Unit EtherPoint?

MDU EtherPoint is a custom property management solution Powered by PenTeleData. By design, this system accommodates flexibility for the users or tenants, while meeting the rigid security requirements necessary to identify malicious or unethical Internet usage.